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Each paragraph in your essay should be strong. The right beginning, in this case, is a must-have to make your readers interested in it. Here we have collected all possible suggestions to start the first and all other paragraphs in your essay. Still, let’s start with the basic tips about words to start a paragraph.

Basic Recommendations of How to Start a Paragraph

It is always important how do you begin a paragraph. Generally, there are three main approaches to start your paragraph:

Use Adverbs

Precisely selected adverbs will make a good start for any paragraph. For instance, the word ‘consequently’ will help you to start shortly and bring the result you want to speak about. The word ‘similarly’ will help you to start by showing connections between two parts of one idea. Another word – ‘conversely’ – will ensure a smooth path to the opposing point of view.

Still, you should also limit yourself to reasonable measures when you start a paragraph with adverbs. Don’t use them too much in each subsequent sentence.

Telling ‘However’ and Other Useful Words

This approach works for starting all paragraphs except for the first one. The word ‘however can be very useful when you want to start the second or any next paragraph. Still, this word is not the only one. We can say you even more – it can already be considered a bit overused. So, don’t limit yourself and use other good equivalents to start your paragraph:

  • alternatively;
  • nonetheless;
  • nevertheless;
  • that said;
  • conversely;
  • despite this;
  • alternatively;
  • at the same time.

Of course, not all of them have the same meaning as ‘however.’ Still, you may arrange your context appropriately to include one of them.

Using Dependent Clauses

Another good solution for starting your paragraph is using dependent clauses. They can organize all things more than nicely. The definite advantage of these clauses is that they provide enough room for developing your content. Here are a couple of examples of how to start such clauses:

  • as;
  • when;
  • as far as;
  • while;
  • because;
  • in so much.

Using dependent clauses can be a good substitution for starting your paragraph from the subject-verb combination only. This way, you have more options to vary in word choices and paraphrasing your sentences. Yes, sometimes, this search may result in a meeting with your writing block. Still, we suggest you be more free and confident about looking for alternatives for your beginning. This way, your paragraph will sound stronger. In this case, we have prepared a lot of suggestions.

Writing Suggestions and Good Paragraph Introduction Words

Starting words for a paragraph in each case will vary depending on your context. Still, they always should perform their role well – guiding your readers through a text. Your content with them should appear coherent and flowing. Also, there should be logical consequences and gradual pass from one idea to another.

Words to start a body paragraph in an essay should, in any case, serve to establish a relationship between ideas in your text. This is especially important when you change ideas. 

Our suggestion is to take enough time and think about good transitions for your text. Think about such from the position of making a text flowing. To ensure this, you should make an outline for it. List all ideas you want to write about and look at them impartially. When you see two nearby ideas, think about connecting so smoothly to make your thoughts flow. The best approach here is writing between these ideas and suggestions of words that can suit most.

The proper organization of a paragraph also matters. In most cases, paragraph introduction words should be directly before the main ideas in each paragraph. This way, you inform your readers about the main idea you want to speak about in your body paragraph. You need to reassure this aspect because each paragraph should bring the necessary idea for expanding a topic gradually. 

All subsequent ideas should be organized by default. Make sure that all subsequent ideas after the main idea of your paragraph pass logically, and the end of the paragraph completes the general thought you wanted to bring in this paragraph.

There is one approach to check your choices of transition words for your paragraphs. You may simply remove such from your text. Is it looking worse? Then you should definitely leave such in your text. If you have doubts about choosing the best one, select the most appropriate from your point of view – 3-5 will be enough. Choose among these suggestions the most appropriate one and include it in your text.

For more clarity about choosing transitions for your text, we suggest you use various editing tools. They will help you in splitting long sentences and verifying transitions for them. In between these parts of one long sentence, good transition words will always be appropriate. Include them to see how they will work for your ideas. Still, remember that making your text flowing is the most important outcome of using transitions.

If you experience difficulties with choosing transitions to start your body paragraph and all other sentences, we suggest you many groups of examples. Let’s start with the basic ones.

Transitions for Expressing Contrasts

When you need to compare and contrast two things, these words may serve you well:

  • comparatively;
  • rather;
  • conversely;
  • yet;
  • still;
  • besides;
  • whereas;
  • otherwise;
  • on the other hand;
  • in contrast;
  • comparatively;
  • other than;
  • although;
  • outside of;
  • however;
  • in comparison;
  • different from;
  • nevertheless;
  • on the contrary;
  • even though;
  • instead;
  • even though;
  • whereas.

Transition Words for Adding Extra Ideas

If you want to include a new point of view, the next words may be good for that and starting your paragraph:

  • also;
  • as well as;
  • coupled with;
  • indeed;
  • correspondingly;
  • furthermore;
  • additionally;
  • in fact;
  • another reason;
  • along with;
  • in addition;
  • moreover;
  • identically;
  • likewise;
  • again;
  • similarly;
  • one other thing;
  • whereas;
  • for example.

Words and Phrases for Revealing Consequences

If you need to illustrate the consequences, you may apply these words to start a paragraph:

  • hence;
  • usually;
  • generally speaking;
  • for this cause;
  • unquestionably;
  • obviously;
  • otherwise;
  • in these circumstances;
  • for this purpose;
  • otherwise;
  • singularly; 
  • undoubtedly;
  • no doubt;
  • of course;
  • for the greatest part;
  • ordinarily;
  • hence;
  • as a consequence;
  • because;
  • particularly;
  • accordingly;
  • due to.

Words and Word Combinations for Adding Samples

If you need to add examples to your essay, here is how what words and word combinations, we suggest you use to start a paragraph:

  • chiefly;
  • above all, admittedly;
  • assuredly;
  • especially;
  • certainly;
  • granted.

Interesting Phrases and Words to Start a Body Paragraph in an Essay

For special cases, you may go away from standard phrases to start a paragraph. They may sometimes look too noticeable and sound, not very good. So, we suggest these groups of words for your references.

Orders and Sequences

To show order and sequences between two main points in one paragraph, we suggest you choose among these words and phrases to make such a link smooth. Here they are:

  • with this in mind;
  • in turn;
  • eventually;
  • in the meantime;
  • to be sure… also… finally;
  • generally… similarly… also;
  • basically… furthermore… lastly;
  • earlier;
  • in the first place… additionally… finally;
  • simultaneously; 
  • to start with;
  • for now;
  • for the time being;
  • to conclude with;
  • the next point;
  • first… simply in the same manner… lastly; 
  • in time.

For Summarizing

Let’s say you have a paragraph closer to the ending of a text and want to summarize some points of view. We have a good suggestion for you in this case:

  • to state it differently;
  • after all; 
  • indeed;
  • all points considered;
  • briefly;
  • in essence;
  • on any occasion;
  • in short;
  • in the conclusive review;
  • therefore;
  • on the whole;
  • to summarize;
  • in brief;
  • in summary;
  • lastly;
  • once and for all;
  • conclusively;
  • in the final;
  • in conclusion;
  • namely;
  • overall;
  • summing up;
  • at the end;

Last Suggestions about Words to Start a Paragraph 

When using transitions, keep in mind that you don’t need to overload your academic paper or essay with them. Doing this may actually distract your readers from grasping the main points of view your text has. Also, try to choose words that are appropriate for your topic and context. Read your final draft impartially to find out whether it is readable enough. All transition words you use in your text should serve this purpose also. If you have difficulties with that, you may use various free online editing tools or refer to professionals for help.

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