Good Satire Topics

Satire topics are amazing because they can be humorous or sharp. In any case, they always present enough space for boosting non-standard thinking. To achieve that, apply those useful tips we have prepared for you.

How to Write Satire Topic to Sound Good

First of all, satire is a type of literature that describes certain matters from humorous or ironic perspectives. This satirical genre frequently uses such tools as ridicule, exaggeration, criticizing, and other tools. In the outcome, you should write a text where usual or common things appear in satirical form. Your main goal is to write in a manner that can make future reviewers laugh or smile at least. 

To achieve that, we suggest you apply the best writing tips we have collected for you:

  • Pick a couple of good topics that interest you most of all, and choose the best for you;
  • Explore and list all ideas about the chosen topic and write down the result you want to achieve after completing your satirical writing;
  • Make your outline – a roadmap for writing;
  • Find as much useful info as possible, including funny stories, good quotes, and anecdotes. Even if you write a satirical essay, rely on facts first of all;
  • Put your own opinion about the discussed matter;
  • Be moderate about your style. Take the best effort not to touch too sensitive matters. It is always better to leave some very sharp things for satirical shows;
  • Be specific to your audience always;
  • Make sure your text is flowing enough and easy to read.

More Satire Project Ideas for Your Practice

Satirical topics can be properly expanded only if you use certain sarcastic techniques, like these ones:

  • Irony helps to convey the right meaning by using construction that frequently has an opposing meaning. This is a good way you may bring any unexpected results to your audience;
  • The parody appears like an original quote or sample of work with a clear view of making it funny or some to laugh at;
  • Hyperbole is a tool for emphasizing certain things that are not natural for them in the real world. This good tool you may use when you want to pay special attention to certain underestimated issues.

These are only basic tools you may use for your satirical writing. Oh, by the way, we have prepared plenty of good topics for you also.

Good Satire Essay Topics to Practice

It is not enough to have tips only. You surely have to practice writing essays about various satirical matters. To help you here, we have collected good samples of satire essay topics. Pick some good ones for your writing:

  • What if to lower the voting age to 14?
  • Is Brexit really a thing so many people should care about?
  • Obama Miracle in US history.
  • Why is it injurious to listen to politicians?
  • Are robots our best friends?
  • Is social media our second home?
  • What makes social networks unsafe?
  • How to make a best friend from a hacker?
  • Social media vs TV.
  • Reading books is outdated already.
  • Drop your school and win one good story of success.
  • Pass writing exams and stay alive.
  • Good banns at schools.
  • TV vs books.
  • Interactive teaching is our good rescue.
  • Simple ways to combat poverty.
  • How to stop criticizing a boss?
  • Funny and good tips to make the right choices.
  • Why will gun control never be workable?
  • Football will always be the best sport.
  • Does love really exist?
  • Good things to substitute for love.
  • What to do to find your best soulmate?
  • Stop listening to your mom and other things to get rid of shortly and succeed.
  • Hall of fame for good losers.
  • Good phrases that will never work for starting conversations.
  • When to prevent love before it is not too late.
  • True friendship exists where…
  • How to build humorous and good relations?
  • Good ways for resolving conflicts without arguing.
  • Global warming is not hot until…
  • Alternative energy is everywhere.
  • Does recycling do anything well, in fact?
  • About the stay-at-home dad phenomenon.
  • Money does not make happy but calms surely.
  • 1 good way to start your business and succeed.
  • Religion is the best business affair.
  • Good financial advice that children will never follow.
  • The strangest event in history.
  • Good response to cyberbullying.
  • Good ways for not being weird on your first date.
  • Loving more than one person is good.
  • Good alternatives for traditional marriage.
  • Big deals in the business.
  • Best apps that will destroy your life.
  • Best fashion myths you trust even today.
  • Does privacy exist in our world?
  • Working hard vs making money.
  • Learn this good daily stress therapy.

Last Words about Satire Topics

The best satire topics are ones where you can feel enough room for expressing your creativity and fun. Pick one or two for writing your essay and feel free to refer here in case of any difficulties.

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